Many people experience therapy as a safe place to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment.


Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy offers a powerful setting for the disclosure of secrets, emotions and experiences that may be difficult to discuss.


The goal of individual psychotherapy is personal healing, growth and development.  As such, a main focus of my work with clients consists in understanding the relationship, as it exists in the room between the client and myself.


Examining this relationship as it unfolds provides invaluable insight for the person seeking help or self-knowledge and can be a rich and rewarding experience that creates the foundation for a fulfilling, self-aware life.   


Some of the most common conflicts I help clients resolve are:

- Depression and Hopelessness

                       - Grief and Loss

                       - Anxiety and Panic Attacks

- Poor Self-Esteem

- Commitment Issues (struggles)

- Codependent Relationships

- Social Inhibitions

- Surviving a Breakup

- Peer Problems in the Workplace

- Family Estrangements



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Raúl A. Plasencia

Raúl A. Plasencia

Offices locations:

New York, NY

Hoboken, NJ


Currently Accepting:


Horizion Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NJ


Tel: 201-600-3562

Fax: 201-662-1917


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