Maintaining successful relationships is not always easy. Troubled relationships can lead to feelings of hurt, frustration, helplessness and anger. 


Couples therapy and premarital counseling can deepen your sense of commitment and help to identify challenges unique to you, individually and as part of a couple. 


I assist with a variety of issues specific to relationship building and growth:

stepfamilies, in-laws, planning for children, couples with divergent cultural and ethnic backgrounds and LGBT relationships and marriages. 


I have experience helping partners who are un-married, pre-married and married couples.


Couples’ Issues:


- Pre-Marital Concerns

- Sexual Issues

- Separation and Divorce

- Extra-marital Affairs

- Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Relational Conflicts

- Internet Infidelities



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Raúl A. Plasencia

Raúl A. Plasencia

Offices locations:

New York, NY

Hoboken, NJ


Currently Accepting:


Horizion Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NJ


Tel: 201-600-3562

Fax: 201-662-1917


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